Polaroid Birthday Party- Hunter Girls DIY Life

Birthday Polaroids- Hunter Girls DIY Life

Polaroid Birthday Party

Birthday Polaroids- Hang Polaroids from Balloons

Ribbon to hang birthday messages and jokes- Hunter Girls DIY Life

Last month we celebrated our mom's 51st birthday. Last year, we were all apart for her 50th, and to celebrate, she wanted to take a serger class in Utah (she's a wild one!). So this year, we wanted to do something special for her. While she was out birthday shopping with our dad, we put together this little surprise for her.

We love the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer. It's so easy to use and you can print right from your smartphone using their app. My sisters and I went through dozens of pictures of my mom from her wedding day to the present. We selected 51 of our favorite pictures (51 polaroids for 51 years) to print. Then, we used different colors of Washi Tape to attach one to each balloon. Tip for the balloons- pay the extra amount for the "high float". Our balloons started to droop before we even attached the Polaroids, so we ended up taping some the ceiling and the walls. 

We also made her a small photo book similar to the "I Love You" book for all of her Polaroids. To prevent the balloons from floating into the living room, we strung ribbon across the beams to keep them in and hung tags with messages and our favorite memories, sayings, and quotes from our mom. 

Her reaction to walking into the kitchen filled with balloons was wonderful! We all had fun looking through old pictures and talking about our favorite memories with our amazing mom!


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