Pudding Pictionary

This week for Activity Days we played pudding Pictionary.  I can truly say it went very well... I had my doubts!  I thought we would be cleaning the church all night but the girls were surprisingly good with the pudding.

For this activity we used a white plastic tablecloth from the dollar store, 3-6 boxes of instant pudding, and slips of white paper.  We prepared six boxes of pudding ahead of time but by the end of the activity we had only used about three.

We decided to keep the girls together instead of having teams and to rotate through so everyone got a turn.  At the beginning of the activity we had the girls each write 5 nouns that could be drawn, as pictures, on slips of paper.  We then put all of the paper in a basket and when it was their turn, each girl would draw the noun that she picked into the pudding and all of the other girls would guess at what the noun was. 


The girls had a lot of fun during this activity.  It brought some girls out of their comfort zones but by the end of the night, everyone was into it.  The girls' favorite thing was to smooth the pudding out at the end of their turn.  This was a great activity.  We did it inside with the use of a large tablecloth,  but I think it would also be fun to do outside during the summer.